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Sports Performance

Enhance one’s performance in competition and increase one’s potential for success in a chosen sport or everyday activity.

What is Sports Performance? - Sudbury, MA

The goal of sports performance training is to enhance one’s performance in competition and increase one’s potential for success in a chosen sport or everyday activity. The FieldHOUSE SP programs take into account each athlete’s individuality while focusing on their short-term and long-term fitness goals. Our programs will increase and improve quickness, lateral movement, speed, strength, agility and stamina while potentially decreasing one’s risk of injury. Most importantly, our programs are fun, challenging and empowering.

What do Middle/High School sessions focus on?

Our high school and middle school performance programs focus on proper movement mechanics as well as strength and agility training and energy system development (ESD). All of these aspects of training are critical to develop proper movement patterns, build functional strength, help prevent injury and prepare athletes to perform at a higher level.

What is Youth Fit?

The goal of Youth Fit is to introduce elementary school kids to physical fitness. Our sessions focus on proper movement mechanics as well as empowering activities that are fun and promote a healthy lifestyle. Classes will include work on acceleration, agility and body-weight strength training. The goal is to encourage kids to stay active and have fun doing it.

What is Small Group Training?

Small Group Training is a program that was created by Coach Kevin Duffy to provide athletes with a more customized weekly plan to achieve their desired results more quickly. When an athlete hits a plateau in their exercise routine, small group training programs can help to push him or her through and keep them motivated and accountable to their workout routine. It is a results-driven class that meets two times per week for semi-private training. This is the most personal and results-driving choice in a more affordable option than 1 on 1 training. Coach Duffy will alter each workout plan to meet an athlete’s goals or to work around any injuries or limitation. Athletes have the opportunity to be in the driver’s seat of their goal-setting and maximize the output of their hard work. Any specific questions, contact:

What is Golf Strength & Mobility?

The goal of the Golf Strength and Mobility classes is to ultimately Play More Golf!

  • Play more pain-free
  • Play more often
  • Hit the Ball further

These groups include 6 clients or less and Coach Kevin Duffy will design the class to fit the needs and readiness of each client based on their physical abilities as well as where they are in ther golf goals. All levels from weekend warriors to tournament golfers will benefit from a stronger game and having more mobility to deliver that strength. “You are the most important club in yor bag!” Any further questions contact

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