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Spinning Classes - Sudbury, MA

The FieldHouse in Sudbury is pleased to offer spinning classes featuring spin instructors Jan Acquaviva, Annie Herlihy, and Chrissy Gray. All levels are welcome, from beginners to advanced!

Spinning or indoor cycling is more intense than riding a stationary bike, and most indoor cycling classes last for 30- to 75-minutes. The intensity varies throughout the class through pedal speed, resistance, and different body positions (i.e., standing versus sitting). The instructor will tell you when to change your settings. This makes your ride feel like it would outdoors—complete with hill climbs, sprints, and coasting. In some classes, the pedaling is mixed with upper-body workouts, resistant bands, or weights.

Spinning classes will work your quads, hamstrings, glutes, calves, and core and help shed unwanted pounds while keeping impact on your joints to a minimum.

Spinning Classes - Sudbury, MA
Spinning Classes - Sudbury, MA

Please contact FieldHouse Sudbury at 978-440-9944 or email to schedule your first session.