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Now in our xxth year, our annual company-wide Fieldhouse outing remains an employee fan favorite. Batting cages, pick-up games, group fitness, field day activities, snacking, spectating - no matter your interests, there are plenty of activities to enjoy. The facility is spacious and well appointed, which lends itself to all manner of relaxation and play. Denise and crew are fantastic to work with and have been nothing short of accommodating for all our various requests. They've been invaluable in shaping up event logistics, from offering up suggestions for games, to helping source catering options, even identifying fitness instructors and trainers to lead group sessions.

- Elyse Kelly, Connelly Partners

When we decided to do a team building experience for our staff, the Fieldhouse was our first choice. The venue is impressive and the experienced coaches worked with us to plan a day that met all of our criteria — physical challenge, brain work as well as team and individual competition that everyone, from the 20-somethings to the over 60s, would enjoy. The Fieldhouse proved the perfect venue to inspire new thinking, connections and fun. We will definitely be back for more!

- CEO, Transition House

Very fond memories of our team building day at the Fieldhouse. All of the activities and coaches were a terrific balance of fun and stepping out of my comfort zone. Loved having to do everything as a team.

-Karen M.

A really amazing experience. I connected with a playfulness and energy that I forgot I had. The trainers and the planned activities allowed me to put my inhibitions behind and just be in the moment. Very empowering.

-Debbie C.

It was a memorable experience for me and my colleagues. I liked getting to know everyone in a new light, felt like a great bonding experience.

-Eric L.

I would love to do it again!

-Kara B.

We understand how important engaged employees and teams are to a companies' success. More importantly, our experienced coaches at the FieldHOUSE understand how to create and build GREAT teams. It's how we operate ourselves and is our driving force.

Corporate Team Building and Events

The percentage of US workers in 2017 who Gallup considered “engaged" in their jobs averaged only 33%. It’s a sad fact, but 2/3 of US workers are not engaged and according to a Gallup report, its costs the country about $550 billion each year. Further studies have shown that effective team building means more engaged employees, which is good for company culture and ultimately boosts the bottom line. We believe that it is really just simple math: teamwork divides the tasks and multiplies the success.

We have helped many companies shape these teams by utilizing a wide range of team-building and team-bonding events/activities. This isn't your average team building event in a hotel ballroom or a boring conference room. This is the real deal in our 55,000 square foot facility where our talented coaches design and execute an experience like no other. Let's face it, nobody wants to sing another song around the campfire. Its time for something new and exciting. In the end, we guarantee to exceed our corporate customer's expectations.

The FieldHOUSE in Sudbury offers many different activities and events to ultimately help corporate teams, departments, and groups improve their communication, efficiency and effectiveness. According to the Harvard Business Review, patterns of communication have been found to be the important predictor of a team's success. The end result is people become more productive while learning to enjoy their job/roles even more. Our team building solutions are 100% customized in our own facility and based on your needs and goals.

First, We get to know you and your company. Not all cultures are the same and not all events are applicable.

Second, We help you develop a solid definition of what qualifies as team building for your company and culture. As a reference, a team-building activity is any positive, shared experience that reinforces positive, team skills, and collaboration. We work with you to create the structure of your activities and assist you in clearly defining your goals (desired outcomes) from each activity.

Third, all participants will take a small step out of their comfort zone and a big step towards team collaboration. The event can last anywhere from 2 hours to a full day so we help you pick activities that will help you meet your objectives in the best timeframe.

Finally, a productive and positive team-building experience can provide and increased sense of morale, improved mutual growth and better long term productivity.


The Field House Proven Process is as follows:

  • Understand your challenges and needs
  • Understand your culture
  • Understand and define your goals
  • Help you pick and facilitate events/activities that will work best for YOU
  • Feedback

Let us help you achieve your team goals. We love what we do!

Field House Sudbury - Corporate Team Building and Bonding Experts

FieldHouse Sudbury Team Building

Linda Martindale



Linda Martindale is an accomplished coach and former executive who utilizes her decades of experience in the boardroom and on the basketball court to motivate, empower and build teams to maximize performance. As the CEO/Owner of the Fieldhouse in Sudbury, Linda’s vision is to create unique team-building experiences that boost individual and team confidence and provide a platform to overcome any obstacle.  Her business consulting/coaching experience at Dora L International and management positions at Mast Industries, Warnaco and Maidenform Worldwide provide her with a unique perspective on how international teams can clearly define their individual roles and team goals to achieve a higher level of success.

Through her international business travels to more than 50 companies around the globe, Linda has come to recognize that an engaged team is much more powerful and productive than any outstanding individual.  In addition to corporate coaching, Linda has successfully coached several college and high school basketball programs over the past 25+ years, given numerous speeches and conducted a variety of clinics and workshops emphasizing the importance of empowerment and teamwork. Whether she is coaching a corporate Sales and Marketing Team or a college basketball team, her no-nonsense approach has created winners both on and off the court.