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You CAN Lose Weight in the Winter!

Joseph Coupal - Tuesday, December 18, 2018

FieldHouse, Sudbury, MAAs the New Year approaches, most of us have a resolution to lose weight. Unfortunately, this is a very hard resolution to keep. In fact, most who make it also quit after a month or so. It is hard to lose weight in the winter.

We are actually programmed to eat more in the winter. This keeps our bodies warmer. It's also darker and cold and this can make us lazy. Snow, dark, and cold weather make it challenging to stay motivated.

Most people are less active in the winter. Combine that with eating more carb-filled comfort foods and this leads to weight gain not weight loss. Many people also affected by the lack of daylight, which can also lead to eating more high carb, high fat foods…or snacks. When energy is low and food intake is normal or increased, we gain weight easily.

The problem is basically this. We eat more calories in the winter than we burn. Sounds like it is an easy problem to fix right? But, for most people it isn't as easy as it sounds.  But, the right high-carb foods -complex carbohydrates- are high in fiber and low in fat so they keep you feeling full longer. Examples are potatoes, wholegrain bread, wholegrain rice and cereal, and fresh fruits and vegetables. Avoid simple carbs like chips, cookies and other sweet and salty snacks. These foods make us feel hungry faster so we eat more, more often.

But, exercise is important when you want to lose weight in the winter. If you don’t burn more calories than you eat you won't lose weight. Don’t let the cold and the snow cause you to exercise less. Get a gym membership. Personal trainers will create a personalize exercise plan for you to help you meet you fitness goals. Health clubs offer all types of group exercise classes so you won’t ever get bored with your work-out regimen. Also, gyms are social. You will see friends and other exercisers who have the same goals as you. This helps you stay motivated and helps you have fun while you lose weight. Building muscle is the only way to boost your metabolism and burn calories even at rest.

Remember, spring will eventually arrive. You still have time to lose winter weight and keep it off. For more information on winter weight loss tips, contact the FieldHouse in Sudbury.

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