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The Perks of Belonging to a Smaller Fitness Gym

Joseph Coupal - Tuesday, November 13, 2018

FieldHouse, Sudbury, MAGym members should refer to their gym as their church. For many, their gym serves as their "third place." The first: your home. The second: your workplace. Your third place: your communal place. A term coined by author Ray Oldenburg, a third place is a welcoming and comforting spot that involves regulars. A place where, as the theme song to the old TV show Cheers goes, everyone knows your name. (Not to mention, it's a healthier alternative to a bar.) A gym environment has enormous influence over our lifestyle choices and factors greatly into the creation and implementation of new habits, so this gym-as-third-place scenario can be a real blessing for your fitness regimen.

Though there are exceptions, privately owned fitness gyms cultivate this sense of community better than large gym chains. This is likely the result of having smaller membership populations, a greater emphasis on group exercise classes, a more specific fitness focus (i.e., kettlebells, Spinning, adult fitness, sports performance), and more emphasis on member retention.

Going to the gym is an experience you want to repeat over and over when you not only love the workouts but the staff makes you feel like family and fellow gym-goers become your friends who ask after you when you aren't there.

Membership fees can be more expensive than those $10/month gyms, but places that create a strong sense of belonging can pay you back in other ways. You can reap benefits in terms of developing positive relationships with those who hold similar values, of course, but also by decreasing medical bills. Simply put, greater consistency leads to better health and feasibly fewer doctor visits. When people ask what the best workout program is, the answer is always the same: the one you will do. And a third-place gym is well worth finding for that very reason.

So how do you find your health club? Do some comparison-shopping. Scope out the vibe at the gyms near you. Do the activities they do there interest you? How readily do the employees answer your questions? How happy do the members look? Do they interact with each other? Are you introduced to others? If you're looking for someplace to do something other than put your head down and earbuds in—if you're looking for a place to truly congregate—these questions are relevant.

You're drinking from the holy grail of health so it's important to experiment until you find the right place match for you. Contact The FieldHouse in Sudbury for more information or for a free-pass so you can give us a try.

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