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Reach Your Weight Loss and Fitness Goals by Being Specific

Joseph Coupal - Tuesday, May 22, 2018

FieldHouse, Sudbury, MA“A goal without a plan is just a wish.”

Don't wait for the perfect time to start working out and living a healthy life. There will always be something to make you say: "I'll start next week, month, year." Now is as good a time as any. And, don't just work out for the sake of working out. Goals and plans give you direction, a way to measure progress and also keep you motivated. Having no goals is like walking out of your house and not knowing where you are going. So set goals, make a plan and go!

Here are a few tips to guide you and keep you on track to meet your weight loss and fitness goals:


"I want to get healthy" and "I want to get in shape" are too generic. Instead, try "I'll run a half marathon next spring." I'll earn a black belt in karate" or I'll lose 55 of my current body weight within 10 months."


Setting a measurable goal is key to achievement) and determining when it's been accomplished). Measure goals in time, weight, percentage or even clothing size!


It's good to shoot for the starts, but don't be too extreme. Likewise, a goal that's too easy is not very motivating. Know your potential and limits.


Set goals that are important to you and are relevant to your long-term personal vision.


Include an endpoint. There is no greater motivator than a deadline.

Set both short and long-term goals. Short ones are more motivating (stepping stones) and once you've achieved them, they can give you inspiration for your long term goals.

What to include in your plan

  • Cardio - Walking, swimming, running, cycling, stair climbing or aerobic classes
  • Strength - Weight training
  • Flexibility - stretching

Don't forget to keep track of progress, sleep hydration and nutrition.

For more information on setting wight loss and fitness goals, contact the FieldHouse in Sudbury, MA

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