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Springtime Weight Loss Tips

Joseph Coupal - Tuesday, April 17, 2018

FieldHouse, Sudbury, MASpringtime is often when people really try to focus on losing winter weight and getting ready for the summer and bathing suits. If want to lose weight by summer, make the most of your work-out by avoiding the following missteps.

Don’t do the same exercise all the time. Your body gets used to the same exercise if you do it every day. Meeting your weight loss goals can be much more effective when you surprise your body once in a while. Change up your workout and the intensity or duration of your exercise. If you really want to lose fat, try some high intensity interval training. This means shorter cardio workouts at a higher intensity. Getting your heart rate up in bursts increases your metabolism and burns more calories.Have you tried spinning exercise? If not, get to an indoor cycling studio soon!

Pay attention to the math. For every pound you want to lose, you need to burn an extra 3,500 calories. Create the deficit by reducing the calories you eat, and increasing the calories you burn from exercise. Generally, people overestimate the amount of calories they are burning and underestimate the calories they are eating. You need to do the math. The only way to lose weight is through a combined effort of healthy eating and exercise.

You ignore strength training. People get very pleased with themselves when they are exercising regularly. Usually that is some type of cardio workout. Don’t forget about building and maintaining muscle. The more muscle you have, the higher your metabolism rate. For weight loss you need to do some form of strength training. You don’t have to use weights necessarily; you can use your own body weight and do planks, push-ups, and squats or lunges.

For more information or assistance is losing weight for summer, contact The FieldHouse in Sudbury.

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Adult Fitness Programs that Help You Lose Weight for Summer

Joseph Coupal - Wednesday, April 11, 2018

FieldHouse, Sudbury, MAThe warm weather will be here soon. It is time to stop putting off your commitment to get in shape and lose weight.

The FieldHouse in Sudbury can help with an extensive group exercise schedule, personal training programs and welcoming environment. Now you have no more excuses; we can help you reach your fitness goals. With an expansive and diverse group exercise schedule, we have an exercise class for you that is exciting and challenging and can help you change up your routine.

Withi FIT Conditioning, FIT Cardio, Tabata, FIT Power, Boxing, and Small Group Training, as well as weights and cardio machines, we have all the options you need for a great workout and to get in shape for summer.

But, our newest offering is also swiftly becoming our most popular offering: Spinning Classes in our new indoor cycling studio.


The spinning exercise classes are the swiftly becoming our most popular adult group fitness class. And it's not just because Spinning is an unmatched way to make your fitness goals a reality. There are no complicated moves and no pressure on any of your joints. Group Cycling has top-notch instructors and great music that begs your legs to pedal, getting into the best shape of your life has never been more fun.

For more information on group exercise classes, contact The FieldHouse in Sudbury.

Benefits of Spinning Workouts

Joseph Coupal - Monday, April 02, 2018

FieldHouse, Sudbury, MAA spinning workout is an excellent way to burn calories and relieve stress. The workout uses a stationary bike, which has various tension levels. The bike will also track your progress, which helps keep you motivated to continue and accomplish your fitness goals. There are numerous benefits of spinning workouts.

Burn Calories

A spinning workout of 45 minutes may allow you to burn around 500 calories, which is a huge amount when compared to other types of exercise. However, the amount of calories you burn will depend on the intensity of the workout. Adjust your bike according to the intensity you desire.

Build Muscle Tone

Indoor cycling training will also help you build some muscle tone. The workout will focus on the core muscles, as well as the buttocks and thighs. You can increase and decrease the tension of the bike; this is similar to riding up and down a hill. While you pedal, you will work your thighs and calves. If you maintain the correct position on the bike, you will also work on your abdominal muscles. When you pedal faster, you are likely to burn fat. When you pedal slower and have a higher tension, you will work your muscles.

Increased Cardio Endurance

If you opt for regular spinning classes, you will build increased cardio endurance. This is beneficial, especially if you feel weaker and start panting even after an insignificant effort, such as climbing a flight of stairs.

Low Impact Exercise

A spinning workout is a low impact exercise. This means that it won't put pressure on knees and joints, as other aerobic or running exercises do. The workout is also recommended for people that suffer from arthritis.

Relieve Stress

Any type of exercise is known to relieve stress. However, a spinning class can be a more efficient stress reliever than most types of exercise. This is due to the fact that the workout is intensive and it is a class where you can meet people and socialize.

Spinning classes are held by an instructor that will motivate you throughout the workout. In addition, there will be music, which will make the class more entertaining.

Reduced Risks of Injury

While running and jogging may present a high risk of injury, a spinning class is less likely to cause any injuries. However, it's recommended to stretch prior to the class, so that you don't pull any muscles.

Adjustable Tempo

The stationary bike will have adjustable tensions, which you can change during the class. Your trainer can indicate when to change the tension, or you can adjust it according to your abilities and fitness goals.

Track Your Progress

Most stationary bikes will have some devices which will track the amount of calories you burn, your mileage and even your pulse. This means that you can track your progress, which is also a motivating factor.

Can Be Done Year Round

Unlike other types of activities such as jogging, which can be unpleasant when performed during the months with extreme temperatures, a spinning class can be performed at any time during the year.

For more information on the classes held in our indoor cycling studio, contact The FieldHouse in Sudbury.

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