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Gym Pricing, What Should you Pay?

Joseph Coupal - Tuesday, October 30, 2018

FieldHouse, Sudbury, MAMany wonder what a reasonable price is for a gym membership. But, it is really a very broad -based question which is completely dependent on your needs and your perceived value of the services. Let's start with your fitness goals.

Would you like to lose weight, gain lean muscle, have more energy, be more productive and live a longer more enriched life? Or are you someone who has a short term goal of losing weight for your upcoming high school reunion or looking your best in your bathing suit on an upcoming vacation. There is no right or wrong answer and no fitness gym should grade your responses. Whatever is important to you is the right answer and the only answer that truly matters. So what are the options that you have for reaching your personal fitness goals? What are the pluses and minuses that accompany these options?

Personal trainers who have successfully helped people reach and maintain their fitness goals for years have some very definite opinions. Whether your goals are short- or long-term, if they are important to you and if you have never exercised before, get a personal training package so you can learn how to exercise, how to use the equipment and feel comfortable in a gym environment. There are so many positives that outweigh the cost. Making the lifestyle changes won't be easy. It is imperative that you join a health club that is dedicated to providing you with the guidance, motivation and accountability necessary for you to reach your goals.

Would you rather spend very little money and fail; or spend a little more money to be successful?

For more information on how the FieldHouse can help you reach your fitness goals, contact us.

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