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Benefits of Joining a Gym

Joseph Coupal - Tuesday, November 27, 2018
FieldHouse, Sudbury, MA

Maybe you think that working out at home can save you from the cost of a gym membership. However, you may not have considered all of the benefits of a fitness club - over working out at home. Let's take a look at some of the advantages:

A Wide Variety of Equipment

Our fitness gym in Sudbury MA offers a broad selection of exercise equipment and tools to make your workout even more effective. Whether you want to use weights, cardio and resistance training equipment, or core stability machines, you can do a variety of exercises with all types of options in equipment.

Safe and Comfortable

Only a health club can provide the environment that is exclusive to the purpose of exercise. Exercising around furniture and in a limited space is never an issue. Fitness gyms are strategically designed so that workouts can be executed comfortably in the right space. This means a large area, padded floors, a clean facility for comfort and safety, and all the right instructors and tools for the exercise being performed.

Group Exercise Classes

Group exercise classes are fun and motivational, but they are also perfect for stress relief. Group ex classes give you the opportunity for daily social interaction and camaraderie with others with similar weight loss and lifestyle goals. Having the chance to regularly socialize can reduce feelings of anxiety, stress, or the winter blues. Additionally, fellow participants can help keep you motivated, challenged, and coming back for more.

Access to Personal Trainers

Nothing beats the effectiveness of having an expert to formulate an exclusive exercise plan based on your current current fitness level and personal fitness goals. Your personal trainer will be at your side ensuring that you practice safely and that you challenge yourself completely. They will guide you every step of the way and demonstrate how to use new tools and equipment properly. Best of all, trainers keep changing and evolving your workout so you never get bored. An extra benefit: You will get tips on better nutrition and diet, too.

Fitness centers have other amenities as well like clean and updated restrooms, indoor basketball courts, functional fitness, and daily socializing. With all these great health and fitness options and benefits under one roof, a gym membership is cost-effective. What are you waiting for? Keep off the winter weight and contact the FieldHouse in Sudbury.

5 Body Benefits Of A Spin Class

Joseph Coupal - Thursday, September 13, 2018
Spinning Classes - Sudbury, MA

Indoor cycling has changed the exercise game. Young or old, fit or not, a indoor cycling class promises to burn fat, prevent unwanted injury and tone muscles all in one!

1. Goodbye to 500 calories in 40-minutes

Not everyone enjoys running for hours on a treadmill in the hope of shedding that guilty weight. The average individual is likely to burn up to 500 calories (or 2 000kJ) during a 40-minute class!

2. Lower risk of injury and embarrassment

Training on a stationary bicycle ensures a low-impact workout that’s far easier on your joints and reduces the risk of injury. Bonus: apart from avoiding embarrassment (after tumbling off the treadmill), you’ll also look super-professional and in control of your workout.

3. Less thinking, more fun!

Gone are the angst-riddled nights of planning your workouts… and never sticking to them – there’s that guilt again. A spin class save you time, it also allows you to free your mind and transport your body to a peaceful place, without having to look at a piece of paper and lose count of those reps. Your sole task? Listening to the voice of the instructor. Everyday obstacles can now be tackled effectively after a powerful workout that doubles as stress release.

4. All-in-one exercise

Spin classes are usually divided into four types of exercises: speed, endurance, power and combination, which are scheduled throughout the week on different days and at different times. This allows you to integrate all the important aspects of training into your weekly fitness regime without having to switch equipment or ask the regulars for help (all the time). For best results: mix it up! This way, boredom can’t touch your fun workout.

5. Firmer everything!

Once committing to the spinning regime, your entire body will slowly but surely start to firm up. Due to high-intensity interval training (HIIT), you’ll fry fat by cycling, melt away the kilojoules and build muscles – all at the same time! A class targets the large muscle groups (calves, hamstrings and thighs) in your legs to shape up fast, whilst strengthening the abdominal muscles, necessary to maintain your upper body rhythm.

Looking for more ways to get your cardio fix? The experts say that this heart-pumping workout will banish your tummy in half the time!

For more information on our indoor cycling studio, contact the FieldHouse in Sudbury.

Source: Women's Health

Importance of Team-Building Activities For Employees

Joseph Coupal - Thursday, July 26, 2018
FieldHouse Sudbury Team Building, Sudbury, Framingham, Concord, MA

As a small business owner, a cohesive team of employees can be imperative to your success. Many small businesses find high-performing teams critical because people must work closely together, wear many hats and work effectively across the organization to get tasks accomplished quickly enough to remain competitive. Because teamwork is so critical to a business' success, team building activities are vital.

Build Trust

Team-building activities can help develop trust among your employees. Trust is a critical component to business, especially when teamwork is required on a daily basis to achieve objectives and grow companies. Trust is critical in business because it can make or break a team, and business can no longer survive without teams. Mutual trust fostered by team-building activities can allow your employees to depend more on one another and be more productive and efficient as a result. One team-building activity that can build trust pairs employees and requires them to maintain eye contact for at least 60 seconds without looking away. This activity can make employees "become more comfortable and trusting of each other through the practicing of eye contact."

Ease Conflicts

Depending on the varied personalities of your employees, unnecessary conflicts and disputes might arise. Corporate team-building activities can play an important role in easing conflicts between coworkers by allowing employees to bond with one another and become more accustomed to each others' personalities. To ease conflicts, use team-building activities that allow coworkers to get to know one another on a personal level. These type of exercises might include having each employee share three interesting personal facts about herself with the group. If conflicts in the office are an issue with your team, hold your team-building activities in a neutral location such as a retreat space, public park or rented hotel conference room where any sentiment from the office won't be so palpable.

Increase Collaboration

Team-building activities can establish a stronger bond between coworkers who might blame one another when problems arise within shared business projects. This bond can help in increasing collaboration among employees during daily business activities. An effective team is one with a penchant for collaboration and a keen awareness of interdependency. Assign team-building activities that require all employees to participate at once. During team-building activities, encourage employees to avoid blaming one another for solutions to hypothetical situations that might not work well.

Effective Communication

Through team-building activities, employees can learn how to better communicate with one another because they probably will be faced with activities that need to be solved as a group. This type of communication practice can translate into more productive and efficient daily work and allow employees to function better as an overall team. During team-building activities, encourage your workers to verbalize issues as they arise in a calm and professional manner.

For more information on team building events and activities, contact the FieldHouse in Sudbury.


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