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The FieldHouse Sudbury can help you reach your athletic dreams.

Working in Partnership with Coaches and Their Teams.

FieldHOUSE Sudbury Sports Performance offers sports-specific and general personal training for kids and adults. You teach your players the game, and we will teach them to be better athletes! FieldHOUSE Sports Performance training complements the strategy and skills taught by sport coaches in a results-based, proven, affordable program.

Team Training

  • The main goal is to prevent injuries and recover faster

During season athletes endure many stresses from games and tournaments. At FieldHOUSE we integrate many methods to promote faster recovery.  These range from Dynamic Warm-Ups, and specific stretching and myofascial release, to prehab exercises. This way we can prevent injuries and recover faster.

  • The second goal is to maintain strength, speed, and power so you will have an edge throughout the season.

Most people assume that by playing and practicing you’ll maintain strength, speed, and power. Science and experience have proven it false.  You are at a disadvantage if you stop training during the season.

FieldHOUSE also offers personal training which includes wellness and nutritional information and is provided in a supportive, community-based environment. Our trainers are dedicated to helping you reach your goals whether they be strength, weight, or athletic based objectives. We offer programs such as:

  • Adult Fit: Whether your mission is to lose weight, rehab from an injury (or prevent one), or to simply enjoy a great workout in a supportive environment, our certified coaches are dedicated to help you meet your goals.

All our adult programs include a directed warm-up including self-myofascial release and static stretching followed by dynamic movement, functional strength and conditioning which includes a mix of plyometrics, weight training, and core stability.

  • H.I.I.T: The main goal of High Intensity Interval Training is to improve strength and flexibility

A mix of TRX suspension training, battle ropes, sleds, ladders, hurdles and more, this cardio-strength class will increase strength, flexibility, balance, power, and overall lean muscle mass. It is typically programmed using the Tabata timer and encourages bouts of hard work followed by short rest times. It is intended to be more intense than our F.I.T. classes. Come prepared.

  • Cardio boxing: is a 60 minute resistance based cardio class.

Whereas in our Functional Interval Training resistance is applied through dumbbells, kettlebells, barbells, bands, plates, sleds, and/or the TRX, in this interval class the bag is the main form of resistance used. Bodyweight exercises will be used to supplement the bags and shoes are not to be worn.

Personal Training Staff

Personal Training Jay

Jay Smith

Jay Smith has worked at FieldHOUSE since the summer of 2013 as a sports performance coach. He is nationally certified by NASM as a personal trainer. He also has a background in mixed martial arts and has spent many years training in Muay Thai. He recently began running and completed his first relay as part of the FieldHOUSE/SMILE Mass Ragnar Cape Cod Relay team, which placed 31st out of 330 teams in it’s division.

Personal Training Ofelia

Ofelia Collins

Ofelia Collins began coaching at FieldHOUSE in the fall of 2013. She received her certification through the ISSA in 2011 and has worked as a personal trainer since then. Ofelia worked out at FieldHOUSE before coming aboard as a sports performance coach. She resides in Sudbury with her husband and two children, who are all athletes. She grew up in Framingham and completed the Boston Marathon in 1998. We are lucky to have another female fitness motivator!

Lecia Whitlock

Lecia graduated from the National Personal Training Institute (NPTI) and is a nationally certified Advanced Personal Trainer through the TW-CC, as well as being Kettle Bell and TRX certified.
From 2011-2016 Lecia served as both an instructor and as the Director of Admissions and Student Services for NPTI. In the spring of 2014 Lecia entered her first INBF Northeast Classic Figure competition and earned trophies for each class entered. Yoga has also played an important role in Lecia’s training philosophy, focusing on core strength, flexibility, mobility and postural alignment, all of which contribute to overall health and athletic performance.

Mary Matthews
CFSC (Certified Functional Strength and Conditioning)

Available for group and personal training sessions.

Specializes in Pre-Teen, Teen, College Aged Athletic Training. Also available for adults who have an athletic mindset or want to learn how to navigate the weight room.
Mary has been coaching High School Athletics for a decade as the Varsity Softball Coach at Acton-Boxborough Regional High School. She is also a member of the Field Hockey coaching staff and a former member of the Girls Basketball Staff. Mary has spent 7+ years training AB Female Athletes on “how to” manage their way around the weight room, Olympic lifts, circuit training, speed and agility work.

Ryan Barry

Ryan Barry is a Certified Personal Trainer through the American Counsel of Exercise and has a Bachelor of Science degree in Criminal Justice and Coaching. He was a former football coach at Bridgewater State University, North Carolina Wesleyan College and Becker College for four years. Coach Barry was also a collegiate football player at Bridgewater State University and a three sport athlete in high school.


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