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FieldHOUSE Sudbury Sports Performance offers sports-specific and general personal training for kids and adults. Personal training includes wellness and nutritional information, and is provided in a supportive, community-based environment. Our trainers are dedicated to helping you reach your goals whether they’re strength, weight, or athletic based objectives.

Sports Performance

Here individuals and teams can both train out of season, and maintain in season. Each sport demands performance from different muscle groups. Every sport requires different movements that separate winners. We will tailor a program for you, for your sport, and for your success.

Team training:

Our training is specifically designed to help your players:

  • Reduce the risk of injury
  • Increase reaction time and first-step quickness
  • Maximize linear speed
  • Change direction without slowing down
  • Build core stability for balance and power
  • Gain explosiveness in their movements
  • Boost endurance and stamina
  • Build team morale

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